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February 16, 2011
Registration Number: TX 7-322-278
Effective date of registration:1976
Title of Work: The Electric

Year of Completion:1976
Date of 1st Publication: Nation of 1st Publication:December 27, 1994 United States
Ric Silver
Text Instruction for 'The Electric', a Four Wall Dance Fugue
Anonymous: No Pseudonymous: No
Year Born: 1948
Citizen of: USA
Work made for hire: No
Author Created: Ric Silver
Author: Ric Silver
Copyright claimant
Copyright Claimant: Ric Silver
35 Village Lane #2, Groton, CT, 06340-4540
LCiemrtitifaictiaotnio onf copyright claim
Name: Ric Silver
Date: February 16, 2011
Correspondence: Yes
Regarding deposit: Special Relief granted under 202.20(d) of C.O.
Copyright Office notes:
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IPN#: *163507376*
Registration #: TX0007322278
Service Request #: 1-567604405
Ric Silver
35 Village Lane #2
Groton, CT 06340-4540

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"The Electric Slide"

"Electric Boogie" was written by Bunny Wailer who states in a conversation 2/11/06 that the song was written and recorded prior to Bob Marley's death in 1981 dispite what may appear on the internet.

Choreographed in 1976 for the re-opening of Vamps Disco at 71st and Broadway in New York City



The steps shown here are the basic 22 steps - As the original dance was created for Professional dancers, and because so many people were teaching the dance incorrectly, I set this up to show the basic steps. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL CHOREOGRAPHY AS DONE AT Vamps Disco 6/76 with all the variation steps. This is not for beginners.... this is the Advanced Choreography for Professional Dancers Only revised 1/22/2012 with the original ending which was omitted in the original printing because of time constraints.


"The Electric Slide"


 TYPE:  4 Wall Line Dance       Rating:  Beginner to Advanced

 COUNT:   22                STEPS:     22


 MUSIC:Electric Boogie - Marcia Griffiths

From the Original Choreography "The Electric"

Copyright 1976

Published: 1994 Registered: 2006

Managed by:KBT Enterprises

Ric Silver, CEO

35 Village Lane Apt.2 Groton, Connecticut 06340-4540

Phone: 860-326-5408





1,2. Step to the right on RIGHT foot; Step LEFT foot behind Right foot;

3,4 Step to the right on RIGHT foot; Touch LEFT foot next to Right foot (clap)


5,6. Step to the left on LEFT foot; Step RIGHT foot behind Left foot;

7,8  Step to the left on LEFT foot; Touch RIGHT foot next to Left foot (clap)


9-11. Walk back stepping on RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT

12. Touch LEFT foot next to Right foot (clap)


13,14 Step forward on LEFT foot; Touch RIGHT foot toe to Left heel (clap)

15,16 Step backward on RIGHT foot; Touch LEFT foot toe to Right toe (snap)

17,18 Step forward on LEFT foot; Touch RIGHT foot toe to Left heel (clap)

19,20 Step backward on RIGHT foot; Touch LEFT foot toe to Right toe (snap)

21,22 Step forward on LEFT foot turning 1/4 turn to your left; Hop



 More advanced dancers can vary steps with

turns (single and double)in place of grapevines or slide, slide, slide (The Electric Slide)-

Charleston kicks (14 & 18) touch behind or hand to floor (16 & 20) -

Hop may be substituted with Tour en l'air (turn in the air) or double tour.

This was originally choreographed for professional dancers and was done in 2 lines facing each other.  They should BOX each other -  that is to say, circle the opposite dancer.  This version was only done a few times as I found that it was much too difficult for non-dancers and therefore only taught it with single lines facing one direction at VAMPS. I hope that someday, this will be revived as it is lots of fun.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License.

I choreographed this dance to have 22 steps as my birthday is January 22nd
As I said every night that I thught it - there are 3-3's, 2-2's, a 1 and a hop.( 2-2's not 1-2 as the 18 step version has) 123 touch(Clap) 123 touch(Clap) 123 touch(Clap) 1 touch(Clap) 2 touch(Snap) 1 touch(Clap) 2 touch(Snap) 1 hop
It takes 44 steps to return to the downbeat (1) and 88 steps to return to your original position.
The Electric Slide is actually a variation step replacing the grapevine with a step to the right and sliding your left foot over to meet it.
Other variations of single and double turns; kicks and floor slaps; and single and double tours are possible.

"The Electric Slide" has been used in at least 9 (NINE) movies and three TV shows.
In "Nobody's Baby" (2001) with Skeet Ulrich & Gary Oldman - Oldman and one of the main characters dance "The Slide" while the credits run at the end of the film.  .
In "The Replacements" (2000) with Keanu Reeves - the football team dances "The Slide" in jail and again on the football field . No one asked permission to use my choreography and they dance the shortened 18 step incorrect version.
The only film that has actually used the correct choreography was "The Super" (1991) when the tenants invite Joe Pechi to join their house party.
"The Best Man" (1999) with Taye Diggs - the last scene in the movie is a party where the break into the 18step Electric Slide. Let's not forget - "Head of State" -(2003) directed by Chris Rock - in the first 30 min. of the show - Chris is at a boring party and starts to liven it up - and what do they do????? - "The Electric"................ and Episode #018 "Moving On Out" 5/1/00 of 'The Parkers' which is the best single line example I have found todate where Kim & Steve's mothers crash their housewarming party. There must have been one of my students teaching the choreography to the cast. New Movies found - Madea's Family Reunion, Madea's Class Reunion & Diary of a Mad Black Woman by Tyler Perry. Slither (2006) opens scene 6 with The Electric.
2/2/06 Ellen Degeneres has Terri Hatcher on and a group of line dancers come on and teach the 18 step version of the Electric  2/6/06 Ellen has her class reunion and as they cut to commercial a group of the class mates is seen dancing The Electric with Ellen.  Orpah Winfrey has a seqment on her show "Brokeback Mountain" where she interview Tyler Perry who teaches the dance to a seqment of the audience - Incorrectly I might add.  I have contacted both shows - Oprah paid for what her people said was an 18 sec. segment but after finally watching the program, I found that it actually aired for over a minute.  Ellen's Legal Dept. has stated that they will pay as soon as I show them the Registration Paperwork from the Library of Congress which I have been waiting for since 2/06.  Mark Beigelman of Beigelman, Feldman & Assoc. of NYC is now handling all related copyright issues.
I have received my Registration Paperwork for the video - it can be seen at The Official Electric Slide webpage at
2/11/06 - I spoke to Marcia Griffith and Bunny Wailer who states even though the internet shows the song as written in 1982 - it was written before Bob Marley died which was in May 1981.  He is checking his records to see if he can find a copy of the demo or the exact recording date.
I also heard from Human Kinetics - who mistakenly published the 16,18 & 24 step versions in their "CHRISTY LANE'S COMPLETE BOOK OF LINE DANCING" - They are making arrangement to settle. 
The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra is performing "Electric Boogie" in concert this year and has asked permission to list my website and name in their program.  I am Honored to grant this.
Line Dancer Magazine will be printing a retraction in the very near future and removing the incorrect versions from their web pages.
I had a very disturbing letter from KICK-IT.COM - they are the ones who are slandering my work and name for some time now.  I look forward to taking their butts to court.
 LinedancerMagazine had republished "The Electric Slide" in the
 MAY 2003 issue and a link can be found at the top of this page. They
had promised to remove the 18 step version and do an article on me when I showed them the Registration paperwork but have avoided all my emails and calls since. 

After several years of waiting for The Library of Congress to approve my registration of The Electric as a choreographic work – I have again been turned down –

The problem lies in the fact that The Electric and The Electric Slide are being viewed as a single dance – a problem which I am partly to blame in that I have been avidly trying to get the line dance community to recognize that the current dance being done is actually a variation of my original choreographic work – they have taken the start of the dance and made it the entire dance…..


And my making a video of children doing the line dance has even more complicated the registration procedure –

I am being forced to register the work as “Text” and not Choreography, which I am not pleased about – but at least I will have my registration paperwork and I will let posterity decide as to whether this work is actually a “Choreographic Work” – or simply as stated by the panel at the Library – a simple social dance.

The Electric Slide as done as a "Social Dance" is a variation of this original choreography and is what the Library based their decision on. I am fighting this. I submitted a new registration claim in June 2016, since I published the final three sections of the dance which were previously omitted due to printing time constraints in 1976. Still waiting to hear from the Library of Congress if they will finally grant me my Choreography Registration.


Was just informed that one of the new Dance Games is planning on including The Electric Slide(the 18 step vcariation)in their next game. I am in talks to see if we can set up a CONTEST within a new game using the ORIGINAL CHOREOGRAPHY with the 1st 20 winners to star in a Video. 


Registration submitted 2/06  Control # 81-429-532.(B)
An Applicant who has sought registration of a copyright may bring an infringement action under 17 U.S.C. ~411(a)

The Original Choreography (C)1976


Click HERE to download the COMPLETE DANCE zipfile

Longchamps, owners of Beefsteak Charlie's, opened a disco called Vamps on Broadway between 70th and 71st in the fall of 1975 and had an advertisement running in "BackStage" for bartenders and waiters.  I needed a job at the time and applied for a position.  When they saw my resume and found that I was a professional dancer they asked me to give the opening night party. This was a very elaborate affair, Invitation only, and I was asked to invite all of the major dance companies as well as professional dancers from Broadway and the Theatre and Dance Community.  Their idea was to make this a semi-private club for professional dancers only.   They hired a professional party giver, who did Neil Sedaka's Birthday, to give the Saturday Night Party and one of the girls from the Longchamps office gave the Sunday Night 'Black' Party with Leontine Price and Wilt Chamberland.  My party was the only party that made money for the staff as well as the restaurant. I was also hired as Doorman, so that only professionals from the Dance and Theatre field would get in. When the clientel started dropping off a few months later, they asked me to give another "Invitation Only" private party and asked  me to create a new dance to premier at this party.  I created "The Electric Slide".  The song had just been sent out to DJs in the New York Area and one of my friends at a club called The Cathedral gave me his copy. It had a great beat and as I had already created "The Electric Weeble", and people around town called me the Electric Weeble or The Dancer -  it seemed the obvious next step. 
A few weeks after this second party, the managers opened the club to the general public and at that time I had to pair down the dance to it's basic step so that the general public could learn it.  I taught the basic 22 steps and some of the variations but after only a few weeks of teaching the dance, I fell on someone's spilt drink while landing a double tour and landed on my right knee which tore the cartilege in my knee and was operated on through Workmen's Compensation and was laid up for over a year.  When I was finally back on my feet and able to get back into the audition mode, I went on with my acting and accounting career. It wasn't until 6 or 8 years later that I realized how far The Electric SLide had gone and that my worst fears had come true.  Every night I would tell the patrons - this dance has 3 threes, 2 twos, a One and a Hop,  but I'm sure that someone is going to forget a step and try to square this dance off into 4/4 timing - It is not supposed to start on ONE every time.  That is what makes this dance unique - but someone did square it off or try to make it start on the downbeat and incorrectly told someone who told someone and all of a sudden - everyone is doing the dance, but they are not doing it correctly.  I have spent MANY YEARS trying to correct this and until recently had given up on ever getting it right. - BUT then came the internet and now I am working to correct oversite.
In my latest dream - and I should tell you that I do not dream - or if I do I don't remember them - but If I do remember it - IT ALWAYS COME TO BE!!!!!
My latest dream - God spoke to me and told me that He was pleased with my life and that I would be the last person to be uplifted in the tribulation and he wants me to dance thru the pearly gates....... and he wants me to do The Electric.
When I dance thru the gates of St. Peter doing The Electric, those joining me will be able to get in with me - and those doing it incorrectly will fall by the wayside - So - I would hope that you all learn it correctly -

In my dream, I was in horror as I saw people falling into pits of fire and being sliced down by blades because they didn't get the steps right -   did you ever see the movie "The Pacifier" with Vin Diesel where he is babysitting and has to learn a dance to put the baby to sleep - and come to find out - it is the steps needed to get to the father's secret lair.........   Just a warning!


Letter to Workmen's Comp 1976 (proof)
WC Case 0763-6911 6/17/76

Lucille P. Loiselle originally typed The Bus Stop - which I was also teaching but did not choreography - and sent me the letter via snail mail. Unfortunately, there was not enought time before my hearing for her to retype the letter (we didn't have computers - just manual and electric typewriters) so she wrote over "Electric Slide" and dated and initialed it. This letter was used to get my Workmen's Comp rejection overturned. see Workmen's Comp case #0763-6911. Contact Lucille at 2845 E.196th St #4 Bronx, NY 10461 for further clarification.

Below are just some of the dance moves I have choreographed

         'Locking' 1968

Locking is doing some fast moves with the entire body, then freezing in one position. The best way to describe the movement of locking would be thus: You know those little-figured toys that are like inside-out puppets on small plastic circular platforms or pedestals, and if you press the bottom of the platform the figure collapses real fast, then when you let your finger up it goes back into shape? Well that's what locking looks like.

& Poppin'    1968

The Pop is a popping movement of different parts of your body, achieved by tensing the muscles. It is very rhythmic, and matches the popping rhythmic style of the music. You can Pop your elbow by sticking it out, or your shoulder by hunching it. The rest of your body remains still.

          The Weeble (Tecktonik)   1968

The wave is a waving motion of your limbs. It gives the illusion that an invisible force is travelling through your body - Going from one place, say, your hand, through your arm, down your body and ending up at your feet. Waves are standard moves and are included in just about every dance routine. Unlike the other dance moves, it has a fluid, flowing motion, as opposed to being snappy or rhythmic. The Wave does take some of its style from the Pop, but rather the parts of you that Pop, follow a path around your body and are much more smooth. (see picture) This is one section of The Weeble - where every part of the body becomes like jello and you see the energy traveling around the body and follow this point of energy as it flows from one point to another - always moving


The Robot (Robotic)1972

This is a mechanical dance style that goes back a long way - It imitates the movement that a showroom dummy might make if it could come to life. There are two separate parts to the Mannequin style.

One style will give a Puppet or disjointed rolling movement, as if perhaps the dancer were connected by strings, or being moved by another person.  The classic puppet walk, is to move the same arm and leg forward as you step, rather than the opposite arm and leg, as would normally happen. This has been around forever.

The other style is that of a Robot, often termed 'Robotics' - This involves moving your limbs at constant speed from one position to the other, ending up with a snap or "Tick" of the body, just as a mechanical device would. Usually only one part of your body moves at a time, which makes it look as if you are under the control of a program, and systematically doing the moves.  This was first performed in 1972 on the stage at Connecticut College for a Master's student recital. I played 'the Jukebox' and choreographed this robotic style for my christmas-tree-lite-stranded body with the electric cord hanging out the back of a celophane & wire frame to represent the outside of the jukebox.

The Wave
one section of 'The Weeble'

Breakdancing    1972
I opened numerous discoteques in NYC - dancing at their opening night parties
Created "Breakdancing" at a club just off the river at 15th St area - can't remember what it was called but would go there all the time and I could hear people when I came in saying "The Dancer is here" - It's real wierd when your out bustin on  Friday night and Monday morning when you are walking home from work. there are kids on the street trying to do the stuff you were doing a couple of nights before. Rolling around on the floor was NOT an acceptable dance floor move - But the floor was ALWAYS cleared where I was and I had lots of room to do whatever. When I dance, I like lots of space to move and this club gave me all the space I wanted. Thanks guys!!

The Texas 'Silver' Star    1984
While choreographing for a country western version of Sheakspears 'As You Lik It'  called "Tanglin' Hearts" in Hollywood which starred John Calvin of "Golden Monkey" fame, I was asked to create a square dance to fill some time in the show - as it turned out - we didn't need the fill and the dance was never performed  - but one of the cast happened to be a caller for a group in Simi Valley and asked if he could use my notes with his group - I said yes and a few years later -  I'm watching The Country Music Awards show (in 1989 I think) and they announce that a new square dance - the first choreographed in the last 50 years is being premiered - wouldn't you know - they did my dance - "The Texas 'Silver' Star" - notice SILVER is in quotes as my last name is Silver and I asked that it be that way. - I also asked that it be listed as anonamous - but will take credit here.

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